Love in my Life – how often do you think that you need it in your life ?

It´s time to join a world wide network of people with healing powers, we need this feeling inside, not just a which in the mind, but a feeling in your body and a smile on your face . Love in my Life 🙂

Im a proffesionel Reiki-healer and Ayurveda Practisioner and with a few teqnichs and very little money it is now possible for everbody to join this network – creating a space of love around you to heal yourself and people around you. So it is possible at last to say – I have Love in my Life –

When i Recieve your payment I will plant a seed in your heart and your mind, which you have to water in your daily life. Love, Happiness, Joy,

Only 3 euro to start changing your feelings about your life. When I recieve your payment I will send you healing and you only have to sit down for 1 minut with your eyes closed and notice your breathing and your body.

  3 Euro